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About Ocean Pearl Ruthin

We provide our customers with an unmatched experience of the Indian cuisine. To make our dishes extremely genuine to the pedigree of the Indian flavour, we use some of the best exclusive Indian spices in our kitchen. Along with that, our nifty tips and tricks also go a long way in ensuring that the food we present to you is extremely balanced in quality as well as taste. We also never compromise on the ingredients that are being used in the process of making your dishes. If you are looking to have the Indian dishes right at your own house, you can also try ordering from us online. That can be done through our app found for free from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. You would really like what we have on offer. Try us out today and we would try our level best to provide you with an immaculate experience.


Ocean Pearl Ruthin Restaurant

We are also located in a very prestigious position in the city. You can find us exactly at 73 Clwyd Street, Ruthin LL15 1HN. This place is right at the eye of the city and as such, brings with its an immense amount of facilities. The traffic and transport here are pretty smooth as are the options in the conveyance. Reaching us from any given part of the city is thus, not at all a hassle. Yet, if you find it problematic to locate us, our app will guide you to us with the help of GPS support. So, without any delay, visit us today.

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